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The location of your home matters!

What are the benefits to someone looking for a new home? Proximity to schools, the bus stop, commute are just a few. There are reasons that people want to buy your home, and we have to highlight them.

Some buyers like:

  • To be very close to commerce & busy streets
  • Quieter neighborhoods,
  • In good school districts,
  • Proximity to schools,
  • Near parks,
  • Near (but not immediately adjacent) to shopping & commute routes.

The market determines the price of houses.

When there isn’t very much of something, the opposite is true and premiums are paid.

Knowing what’s happening in your neighborhood will help you understand what the price of your home should be.

What's the RIGHT price? 

  • Homes are most shown in the first 2-3 weeks in which the home is listed.  Lots of showings, but no offers?  Close to the right price, but more than 3% overpriced
  • Was yours overpriced, especially at the start?  If so, you will always be chasing the market, especially today. You should aim to be in the bottom third of the pricing for comparable homes at the beginning of the listing.
  • How long has your home already been on the market?

People need to see your house!

The more items that present obstacles to real estate agents showing your home to potential buyers makes it harder to sell a home.

  • Did you make your home easily accessible for agents to show when buyers were ready to look?
  • Did you offer a variety of financing terms, including FHA/VA?
  • Did you offer buyer incentives?
  • Did you offer a standard or quick closing?

Small improvements make huge statements.

HomeDepot has some great deals!

Preparing the home for sale is the most important piece. People want to feel like the house is clean and move-in-ready. That means a little elbow grease and some time. That also may mean updating molding, fixing a floor, adding a light… small things make a huge difference in presentation.

Most buyers want a home in which they can visualize themselves living for a long time.

A home that shows poorly (peeling paint, moss on the roof, dirty carpets, dishes in the sink, leaky faucets, etc), tells buyers to beware of what cannot be easily seen.

  • Was your home in brand new model home condition when it went on the market?
  • Lawn mowed?
  • Trees trimmed?
  • New paint in & out?
  • Thoroughly decluttered and staged?
  • Immaculately clean?
  • Did you keep it that way so whenever it was shown, it looked it’s best.
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Your representation needs to know your home.

It is important to your home selling experience to find an agent that understands the appeal of your home.

What does SELL mean?

More than anything, an agent/seller relationship is one of trust and one of marketing. Is this the best person to SELL, not just list, my home? Interview 2-3 prospective agents.Click here for a list of questions to help you decide